Put The Phone Back

05 Sep

I have finally reached the point that I am tired of the three hour phone calls, he calls and I now just basically listen and answer questions. I am finding him to be asking to many personal questions this early in the “relationship”.

He is wanting my income/ratio numbers and that is crossing the damn line, I don’t care if he could make me a millionaire, been there done that. He is getting to damn nosey and I have told him so but all he did was laugh because he thinks I am foolish in not asking him the same questions.

He has even brought up the subject of a prenup, in passing of course and that is exactly where it will stay as well. I have already told him I do not do marriage and I definitely do not play well with husbands but he is convinced he can change my mind, lol he obviously does not know me.

When someone starts talking marriage as if it is a random thought I’m putting on my army boots and heading for rice patties. I have told him slow down but of course the typical Aquarius he beats to his own drummer but I am surprised he wants to get married again so soon.

There is just to much marriage crap going around for my finger thank you and I have already told him I am never getting married again and of course he acts like the conversation was just “off the cuff”. He has been leaning on me to let him come to the states and I think I am going to very soon.

I am almost about to let him come next weekend we will have to see how I feel but he has got to realize that marriage is never on the table with me. I don’t want anyone around for that long and I sure do not want to be committed to anyone right now or ever.

I admit it, I do not want to put that much into a relationship or do I want to invest my emotions. It would be nice to have a buddy to hang with and send home to someone else. It’s not like my life is exciting but I don’t like people infringing on my time.

G is totally taken with me and has told me he thinks I am unique, different, unusual, intelligent and on and on, like I need him to tell me how fabulous I am. As long as you don’t ask how terrible I am, we shall get along fine and things will be ducky.


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Posted by on September 5, 2012 in Define Me


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