No Trusts No Truths

05 Sep

“G” called tonight, another three hour marathon that I wasn’t interested in running this evening. He thinks he can come into my life and after a few weeks I am going to share the most painful experience of my life with him? He is always asking about Bob and I do not like that, not one bit.

I have bowed gracefully out of the conversations and he has already accused me of not letting him in, of course I am not letting him in, hell I don’t even let the other one know everything but he knows most of it because I trusted him, at one time.

He hurt me very badly and I cannot get past that so easily if ever as he has no idea the pain I live and am trying to recover from. I’m sorry your random ass once every four months phone call doesn’t do a damn thing for me but piss me off.

You call to cover your tracks but it doesn’t work because I know the truth all of it so don’t try to give me a snow job, it’s only September. I am interested in someone else that has time for me and wants to be with me and until you get rid of your mistress of green I do not want you in my life.

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Posted by on September 5, 2012 in Define Me


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