Get Out

05 Sep

You must have thought I was going to forgive you? Not happening, not now not ever and I have told you to get the …… out of my life and I mean it. I could so easily blow your shit right out of the water and let the world know the truth.

You think you covered all your tracks, well you didn’t and I have you connected to all your dirty deeds and I am sure you are so proud of yourself. You can’t even stand to face me or even look at my face because you see the pain you have caused me.

I have replaced you, yes I know that astonishes your lovely but I replaced you and yes I have invited him to visit this weekend. He has the balls you couldn’t even buy and yes he has turned my head, you on the other hand make my head turn like Linda Blair’s in the “Exorcist”.

Don’t call me and get off my fb as well as reading my blog, the world doesn’t revolve around the butcher’s cleaver and you lost me, yes you lost me like you threw me away so I have done you the same. He is everything you would love to be but never will be.

I have no respect for you, you destroyed that and trust, lol as if you could ever get my trust. I will not wait for anyone and I just do not have the time for your silly antics and lies. You are such a little boy and when you were circumcised I think they went all the way to the head between your shoulders.

You think I can’t touch you? You think I couldn’t destroy your image? I still have that pic you sent so long ago, yes the one in the lounge by the pool. I have a long memory a very long memory and I can prove the pics I have are you without your face.

You are one dumbass but aren’t all liars and thieves? 

Consider yourself lucky because I won’t spill the news because I have no desire to hurt you and believe me I could hurt you more than you ever could hurt me.You stay away from my life hear me or things will start to pop up and you won’t like them I guarantee it.

You like the high life more than you could ever love me and you like the ritzy lifestyle, which is obvious by your choice of hoods for you and the little one. Yes, you have tried to protect him but you failed, yes I found him in no time so do something about it asshole.

I used to live in an apartment and my neighbor Salvador had similar problems. Hate me now? Good that is exactly what I want you to do, hate me. I don’t hurt others like you, especially children, animals and freaks like yourself.

What’s your next move? Crash my computers? Destroy all of my files? Steal my pics, o I forgot you already have done that now haven’t you?

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Posted by on September 5, 2012 in Define Me


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