A Stand

05 Sep

You have to take a stand in your own life and put a stop to those that want to use you, lie to you, cheat on you and steal from you. I have chosen not to let anyone use me again or lie to me because lieing is so childish and undeserving.

I am so over him and his crap and controlling nature, he gets on my computers and deletes files like that is going to stop me from doing what I choose to. I cannot be controlled and not even you will ever own me or be in my life permanently.

You have always gotten what you wanted but I am not on the menu and as you fly from here to france, korea ect. why don’t you pick yourself up a girl and keep yourself occupied? You cannot have me, be with me or share my bed ever, got that?

I do not like you as a person and your lies I just laugh at because I already know you are a scammer as is Frankie and the rest of the team. You guys are to be ashamed of what you have done and how you wake up liking yourself everyday is astonishing.

The only reason you want me is because I no longer want you and that is a challenge to you, don’t waste your time because no amount of looks, money or prestige will ever get me in your bed, got it? I do not want to live with you, marry you or share any part of my life with you.

I do not want to be a possession like you have treated me for so long and I will not allow you to assume I will always be there for you, as I am not. I am sure you are aware of how many people would love to know who you are and what you have done but I will not give the rags anything to print.

You love the spotlight and having people fall all over you, well I am not falling in fact I am running the other way and will keep running. I want nothing to do with you ever so get out of my life and forget about me, totally as I am doing with you.

How could anyone possibly not like you? It’s easy, very easy because I see your darkside, I have heard your lies and I have no respect for you any longer, you killed that for me long ago. Don’t call me either because you just spew more lies.

Your calls are filled with you, you and your lies and I am not like you and never will be. I am not better than you but I have a purer heart and motives while you set out to scam and lie and it’s at your breakfast table every morning at 5 a.m.

You have no concept of what love and respect are and obviously never will and I do not have room for your behavior as my life is not big enough for the both of us, that means you have got to go-poof gone like the flush of a toilet.

You can never undo what you have done and you are not man enough to admit your faults because to do that would make you accept the fact that you pride yourself in scamming as if it a fine art unto you and only you and your cronies.

Tell me, does it suck real bad that you can’t buy everything your heart desires? We are nothing alike at all and our desires are very different in to many ways. Accept it, you are not handsome enough, rich enough, loving enough nor caring enough for me.

You are a narcissistic one and you need to learn humility and realize not every woman thinks you are all that and want to be with you. I for one do not want you in my world and I want you to leave my life and let me find some happiness.

You acted like you cared so much when Bob died, you didn’t care you didn’t even know him and you will never know how much my heart hurts every time I think of how he died. You have no compassion and your only interest is yourself.

I am not the type of woman for you, no you like the bright lights and all those that lie to you daily. You do not cherish friendship or honor it, no you prefer to scam and lie so you can live the high life impressing your international whores.

Your time is done and we shall never be one, I do not want to hear your lies any longer.


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