The Evil/Toxic One

04 Sep

I never knew you could actually see evil in a person but you can, if you look around their picture or their body you see black, black as coal, as the night. Evil so strong it tries to consume you along with it and I am surprised that God has let such one come to touch my life.

This person has it all, fame, wealth, prestige but this person continues to be a scammer, yes you are a scammer and nothing more. Nothing is ever good enough for you and you always have to have the best even when the finest has brought thieves into your own den.

You are the “great” but if people knew the truth, the dirty sordid details of your list of deeds and nights of thievery using words of love to empty the pockets of so many, this is your great accomplishment in life? You have reduced yourself to greed and theft and I cannot allow you to dirty my door with your filth and lies.

You are not to be respected, how can you respect yourself? Who do you think you are? You have nothing on me, not a damn thing. Word on the street you even named your child to “fit” into your world of control through love and religion.

Have you no shame? No guilt? How do you sleep at night? I no longer care who you sleep with and I no longer want to know someone like you. You have covered me in your black tar and no matter how hard I try to wash it away, it clings to me and sickens me.

You seem so shocked that my emotions are of such anger and depth but if you would look at me instead of your own beauty you would see what you have done, single handedly you have destroyed a part of me that was pure and good.

I do not respect you one iota and never will as you are the lowest of the low and you make no amends so I want nothing of you in my wake. Leave me on the beach to dry out and heal from your machete like wounds you so proudly show off.

I thought I could never hate again but you have proven me wrong, so very wrong. I have come to hate you as well as myself again. Do you set out each day to ruin someone’s life, is that your daily goal starting at 5a.m.? I do not want you near me you are TOXIC. 

There is no room for toxic waste in my life and that is exactly what you are and forever will be. How do you live with yourself? How do you wake up feeling good about what you have done? Don’t feel so good does it? Try sitting on my couch and see the view.

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