04 Sep

I am an empathetic person but I have found some people do not deserve mercy as the ugliness they have brought upon themselves has not only touched them but others as well. People want forgiveness and not to speak of their deeds.

You cannot run from yourself and you can never undo a wrong, especially to me, my anger runs to the center of the earth and back. At this very moment we could be in the same you and I would not notice you-that is what you have done.

Played your childish games for to long thinking I’m just another stupid woman, YOU ARE WRONG. I don’t need to ask questions because I have all the answers along with a box I was going to send months ago but have chosen not to waste my time sending.

You do not know me and would only love to know me, have me but never will I give myself to the likes of you, a greedy, self centered, anarchistic person such as yourself will always “try” to buy your happiness because that is how shallow you really are.

You not only lost me but something much more important, MY FRIENDSHIP.

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Posted by on September 4, 2012 in Define Me


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