Getting Under My Skin

02 Sep

It’s funny how you can care for someone so much and they make you crazy. You want to throttle them sometimes because they make you so angry. What’s funny is I have someone who sits on the sidelines and has to bite his tongue, lmao.

He can’t risk coming out of the shadows as I poke fun at him and really get his goat. I do things that make him wish he could stick his hand through the computer and slap me but to bad he isn’t that powerful, roflmao.

I do things that I just know are going to make his blood boil and I make no apologizes for enjoying the thought of him squirming. If you have your own stalker then you know how annoying they can become and sometimes you just have to poke that bruise.

He is always setting me up and finding out if I am loyal but the funny thing is I know it’s him so I do things that will just make him crazy with anger. I enjoy annoying him because he has made a living out of annoying me.

I know he reads every post and maybe I should inject some of my posts with some juicy details of the new interest in my life. No, I don’t need to play the jealous game because I already know he’s eaten up with jealousy.

You know when you have driven a man crazy when he can switch hands and gain a stroke but my guy, well hell he’s literally world famous, lol aren’t you sweetie? A brand name all in yourself now isn’t that sweet?

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Posted by on September 2, 2012 in Define Me


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