Hey Lucy Take The Wheel

01 Sep

What an interesting evening this has been, I just hung up from the new interest after a three hour conversation and what a conversation indeed! I won’t go into the topics of conversation but I can tell you this keeps up and I will be moving overseas.

He is interesting and has had the most interesting life and has traveled extensively and so intelligent he is I so adore talking with him. He is very attractive as well and when we skype I get to see him in his finest because he has to dress as a sophisticated businessman, which of course he is.

He just got divorced which is a good thing and he has custody of his son which is fine with me, he sounds like a great dad and he is a very good person. He loves animals and horses just like I do and we seem to have quite a bit in common.

He is talking more and more about coming to visit me which I would really like, it’s not a many person that interests me but when they get my attention they get my full attention. I have to stand trial the end of October and he has been talking about coming and giving me support.

Yes, I have chosen a jury trial in my case and I am not concerned about the outcome but I had no choice judge or jury and the judge is dumber than a box of friggin rocks, she doesn’t even know the law or does the prosecutor.

It would be nice to have him here and we can celebrate because this jury trial is worth about sixty grand and I won’t go into that at this time. He really has turned my head and I see no reason to ignore it when nobody takes time to want to be with me.

For those of you that are curious about the title of this post, there is absolutely none, seriously it popped into my head so I typed it. 

My attorney Scott called me today and I so wish he wasn’t married but that’s ok because he is just an awesome person. We have a project going behind the scenes and it’s a secret so I can’t tell you about it but he is such a great attorney.

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