Head Games

01 Sep

The beat of the heart can be so deafening at times and the wind can swirl around us without so much as a whisper. Life is a challenge a daunting task at best and there never seems to be a total silence as the noise always seems to get louder.

Head games is what life seems to be all about, playing head games constantly, in every walk of life and so many’s empty back pockets. Follow my wake as I surf through life searching forever searching for what is not visible.

Lost in thought, lost in the dirt searching for water and nothing but dirt to be found, life is dragging me around like a dirty old rag doll and I’m just so tired. Slithering through the muck and drinking the flesh of the land I am feeling the pull of the moon.

Emotions are flowing, my eyes are a glowing I am a wash and wear wolf to my surprise, I am a furry creature ready to pounce at any moment on to an innocent victim. I need a well, a very deep well to empty my suitcase of trash which I have accumulated for over fifty years.

Let that well swallow up what is no longer useful and drains me of my senses and desires. Letting go of the weightless paper my life has been written upon and watching it sale through the center of the well that will swallow it up.

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Posted by on September 1, 2012 in Define Me


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