30 Aug

The law of attraction is very specific and what you think about is what you attract to yourself. This includes everything in our lives, love, negativity, jealousy everything and everything you want you can have if you focus good energy in that direction.

I have been doing that lately thinking positive about a relationship and meeting someone at the very least and low and behold I have met someone new. I would have liked to of had a go with the other one but he prefers to stay anonymous and out of reach.

Hell I even picked up a stick and tried to reach him and that didn’t do a damn bit of good either. I have tried and I have finally ran out of ideas so I guess he’s on his own. You can tell someone who they are looking at their soul mate but if they won’t look you can’t make them.

I do not know what he wants me to do or what he wants from me but I obviously am not able to fit into his life at this time and probably never. He has waved the “big business” crap in my face like I am so impressed, not, he better take a damn good look at where he is at in his life.

He is obviously happy where he is at in his life or he would change it and he would grab what he cannot buy but some people just aren’t smart enough to go after what they really want when they should. I cannot wait and will not wait any longer.

Yes, I am going to start going out and start dating and have met someone of interest but we shall see if there is enough connection that I would invite him to the States. I’m in no hurry to do anything but be happy and enjoy life and the fall weather.

I did receive another call from my new interest and we chatted for over two hours and I am really enjoying our conversations. He is such a gentleman and so damn romantic he is starting to really turn my head and I’m thinking I might want to know him better.

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