Never Alone

29 Aug

Today has started out to be wonderful and has confirmed why I like foreign men so much more than American men. It’s such a mind blower to have someone from another country go so far as to ask for your address because they want to send you something, ya right.

Well, this morning proved it, I received several dozen bouquets of yellow roses, what a mind blower for sure, the card read “To a lovely woman I wish to meet”. Now how many people can say someone thinks enough of them to send them flowers from another country? lol.

Foreign men have a certain way about them that I find very attractive and I can’t wait until he comes to the states, but that won’t happen until I send him an invite and we aren’t quite there yet, if you know what I mean but he’s working it pretty impressively I must say.

It’s nice to know someone cares about you and no I don’t need flowers but it is a very lovely way of showing your affections. Foreign men are so much more romantic and treat women so much better from what I see in the main.

If I ever do marry again or get into a relationship it will definitely not be with an American man which is sad to say but is the truth. I like being treated like a lady and I like being respected and listened to as most people do I am sure. Ladies look beyond the water for an awesome love you just might find him.

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