Your Smiling

26 Aug

I know you are smiling as you read what I have written because you are like that, someone who lies low and makes plans to surprise someone, I know you are like that. This is a very special time in our lives and the time is finally perfect for our paths to cross.

We will find most of the answers we have been looking for, for so very long and I think we will find what we both have wanted and needed. We are one you and I and no amount of distance and no lies can change that, we are meant to be together forever and I believe this.

I honestly do not know where we are headed because I am not so sure you are capable of a committed relationship. I do not know if one woman could ever be enough for you or if you are capable of loving just one and being faithful.

These are questions I need answered and no, I do not and cannot play the sharing game. If you need another woman then you do not need me I have laid out my yellow summer dress and my white lace panties and that is what I will be wearing with my sunglasses of course.

I do hope we meet and we find what we both feel to be real and true and I want to kiss you and make love to you and show you how I really feel, which can only be done through making love.I so want to be happy as you do and I do hope this time is ours.

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