Dodging Bullets

25 Aug

It seems as if I am forever trying to dodge one bullet after another because I have been involved in so many messes. I am going on this vacation and keeping it from the child services worker not keeping it from her but told her I was leaving the sixth of next month.

She doesn’t need to know and besides Shelby is at the house and the neighbors will keep an eye out for the kids as well. I just really need to get away and I’m going, no it is not going to be filled with wonder and excitement as I am going to rest.

I must admit I know Mr. Perfect will ride up on his shiny horse and whisk me away into never never land, I just hope I don’t run into Michael Jackson, I mean let’s be serious his face is scary with all those surgery’s. It would be wonderful to meet the man of my dreams but let’s face it life isn’t that good to me.

I am trying to clean my basement and that is scary in itself as I feel when I go down there I may never surface again. There is so much junk that needs to be hauled out and the salvation army called to come pick it up, there are Bob’s clothes that are still in a mover box and they will be the first to go.

I have more non ambulatory equipment then you can shake a stick at, I could start my own handicap division. I need to put that stuff up on Craigs List and sell it. I do not want reminders of my past life and I’m donating a bunch of Nascar stuff as well just to get rid of it.

I have more picture frames then a framing shop and those are going as well. I want to get that basement ready to rent out to cover the payment on the loan I had to take out. I have to get new carpeting laid and set up the “private gym” I have a sauna as well I think I might put back in my bedroom.

Life is moving forward as usual with no shocking news or arguing which is exactly how I like it. When Shelby comes home I am sure the arguing will start again. She rags on Ryan so much I am hoping things have changed but I doubt it.

It’s funny as hell when we have an argument and the door bell rings, we instantly stop and change our attitude because we think it’s a cps check up. Lol, it is funny how quickly people pull together when they feel threatened as we do as a family.

When Shelby turns eighteen in January things will be so much easier for me as she will be an adult and I won’t have to worry about Ryan if I want to go somewhere for a few weeks. Damn this trip has my head all screwed up my itinerary is

 DTWto ALB | 27 Aug 2012 Show Details
12:06pm DTW 1:40pm ALB Nonstop

ALBto DTW | 11 Sep 2012 Show Details
4:30pm ALB 6:21pm DTW Nonstop
McNamara Terminal 1h 51m DL 37331 Economy (T)

You’re probably wondering why I put it in my blog, well I’m a lazy one and it’s easy to copy and paste, lol. So I now will remember when I’m leaving because there is so much going on right now it’s to much for my pea brain to remember.

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