Have You Lost Your Mind?

24 Aug

I guess I should consider myself lucky that menopause madness didn’t leave me with a beard and mustache as it does with so many women. Yes the truth be known menopause hits us hard and some do end up having to bleach that hair.

My kids think I have lost my mind because I want to get a tattoo, what in the hell is wrong with that? I’m 53 which is legal age and I think I can make my own decisions. They think I have totally flipped out because I have made some decisions that they think are totally nuts.

I want to be happy and live a happy life with someone else and enjoy the days having great meals, great sex and great times together. My kids know I am a very sensual person and they know that I need affection to the good thing is they realize this.

I’m really tired of being alone and lonely and I am tired of having to fight with those that try to rip off a widow and a woman. If you aren’t getting screwed at the tire dealer for being a widow then you are for being a woman. It pisses me of when this stuff happens.

The thing that really cracks my kids up is when someone tries to rip me off, I usually know they are full of crap and call them out. I know about tires so go ahead, try to rip me off again because it will never happen as I am not some helpless female.

I love romance, I love everything about romance and want to experience some romance for a change, I have had a very difficult past year and it’s time to let some love in my life and be happy. I’m not sure what is going on but I do know that I am surrounded by love.

I think of one man and I think of him in bed sitting up on his ipad and I am sitting at the end of the bed wearing only a wifebeater (mens sleeveless t-shirt). Yes I am naked from the waist down and I’m just sitting there thinking about the day.

He is working for a while longer, he’s been up since 5 a.m. and it’s only 8a.m. and I am ready to make plans for the day but give him the space and time he needs to take care of business. He finishes and gets out of bed and we go to take a shower.

This is one of the most romantic times we spend together is taking showers and making love, I love washing him and going down on him in the shower and he likes it as well. We make love and finish showering and we go back to bed.

We lie there and talk about the plans for the day and we finally get up and get dressed, we go out and greet the day holding hands and walking down the street to get some breakfast. We decide to go explore the covered bridge and go to a cider mill.

It’s a beautiful day and we are enjoying every second of it as we sit under a tree and take a break. We talk of nothing of importance as we get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere. There is no doubt that there are quite a few emotions between us and we both can feel it.

We spend the day walking hand in hand and enjoying each other’s company, laughing, being silly, giggling and just acting like two kids. The day is totally relaxing for both of them and they really enjoy each other’s company and it’s as if they have known each other a lifetime.

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