No Fly Zone

21 Aug


I have confirmed my trip to ny and you have got to check out this place I plan on staying at omg it is awesome, so awesome and beautiful. I am looking forward to twelve days of bliss and they even have a jacuzzi to damn good to be true. I hate driving and that really stressed me out so if I rent a car, I have to possibly kill several hundred people to get to my motel, that would not be a good thing I assure you.

I just wish I knew someone from the area that I could hang with and just have some fun but of course I know not a fucking soul in ny. I have been good to myself I spent some money on some new hot lingerie and going to have to be my own photographer it looks like.

Can’t believe it’s Tuesday and I’m leaving Monday, I guess I should start to pack, lol I hate packing it totally sux. It’s been absolutely beautiful weather here and I bet its gorgeous up north with the fall colors coming in. I’m fine going by myself after I looked at the place but damn it looks like so much fun for more than one.

No one to  bother me for like 14 days, that rocks!

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