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21 Aug

Friendships can be quite fragile at times and when you have a real friend and you tarnish that friendship how does it make you feel? You can hurt a lover but when you hurt a friend it’s as if you have actually hurt yourself, which you have.

A true friend is there for you and doesn’t confide in others any of your business, a friend is there to pick you up when you fall and hold your head when you a puking drunk. A real friend cares about you the person not who or what you have or know.

I seem to be the best friend that always gets fucked over so I have few friends but I have quality in my friendships as most do not. My friends are my family and mean so much to me I love my friends dearly and would never compromise our friendship.

Building friendships are not easy and when you do have a friend honor that friendship do not stab your friend in the back. I thought I had a friendship with someone but recently found out different and it hurts but I rather find out the truth than a lie and being friends with men isn’t easy to begin with.

You have to remember who your friends are and who your enemies are and sometimes they tend to be the same. Even friendships have bouts of jealousy and insecurity and they shouldn’t but they do and when someone take a friendship for granted or tries to control their friend then they need to take control of themselves.

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