Who’s Your Hero?

19 Aug

I was just thinking wouldn’t it be crazy if he is some famous person and I have never heard of him? How embarrassing for me but hey he has to wipe his own ass just like me so he is someone I have a connection with nothing more.

I do not play groupie whore very well, no that part goes to some of the other women he has been with. I’m your run of the mill 60’s housewife type and I make no excuses for how I choose to care for those in my life. Yes, I am old fashioned and will not apologize but I am also way ahead of my time in many other ways.

My kids think I’m a pretty damn good mom and they still have their complaints but I have mine as well. They want me to get involved with someone but they want me as well. We shall see what happens in a week and until then, no I will not be getting involved with anyone.

If he thinks I’m going to fall to my knees he better think again I do not care who he is, we put our pants on one leg at a time so we can start there. This has been a real crazy way to meet someone as he has been following me online for like three years now.

He has still hidden himself and maybe he will hide himself still when we are together, which I wouldn’t blame him if he is some famous person. Hell if it were me I would, get laid and if “it” wasn’t there maybe hang around awhile longer and see what I thought.

I have no clue as to what he even looks like, lol yes this is wild but I am cracking up because anyone who would go to the length he has gone to well, it’s just so bizarre to me but I like it, I like it a lot it’s like a love letter but deeper, more thought, manipulation, planning and delegating.

He has me following his lead like a puppy and that is exactly what he wants which is fine for the time being as I will turn the table very quickly, do not underestimate the ability I have as a woman, as a person as a definitive being that knows what she wants.

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