Forbidden Thoughts

19 Aug

I am a mother, a widow a loner a quiet soul that seeks to feel the sensation of lust between two people. Because I am in my fifties is no excuse not to go after what I have wanted for such a very long time. To have my skin touched gently, the feel of butterfly wings.

If I could feel his arms around me burying his face in my hair and neck as he makes me feel safe, the touch of his hand leading mine. The softness of his lips, I move my fingers across his face as if I were blind, I want to know this man, even without seeing him.

We move slowly but in unison and we have known each other for years but only now, now we meet now we find out what we really feel for each other. I am very nervous but so ready just to relax I haven’t really let him control to much of my thoughts.

Now that I have finally moved my mac into the study, I won’t be online as much and that is important to the kids, which is fine with me. They are going back to school on Tuesday and I will have the entire day to take care of my internet addiction.

I’ve asked him to find a motel with a kitchenette and a car as I just am to damn busy lately to even know where to begin to find a place. I’m flying into Albany and anywhere from there is fine so if you have any ideas let me know.

A perfect week to do absolutely nothing, no answering calls, doctor appts, counseling appts., car repairs and the list goes on and on. I plan to be naked and relaxed from the second I walk into that room. I will have to  take off that nasty quilt they have on top of the beds, so nasty!

Clean sheets I can work with but not the top cover, things have happened on that blanket and I do not need any visuals to make me sick. Chill for a while, relax and when he shows up, we will go get some food, alcohol and we are going to make dinner.

Who knows what could happen in the kitchen, who knows? The one thing about me is if I want to kiss him I won’t waste time waiting for him to make the move. If he doesn’t like it I’m sure he will tell me but I do not think he will have any complaints.

I know I shouldn’t confess to this but I am a very sensual and sexual woman, even though that grosses out my kids. I’m approaching this week without any expectations what so ever and we will see who this caped crusader really is.


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Posted by on August 19, 2012 in Dating, Define Me


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