Is There?

16 Aug

I have always wondered if two people can meet and fall absolutely head over heels in love in a week? Does that shit really happen or have I watched to many movies in my time? I have this feeling I a may be headed into a relationship that is labeled as above.

To be honest, I have no clue how I would answer the question if someone wanted to marry me that quickly. I do not know what to think seriously but I do not think I would say no, but possibly yes but want an adequate time period to really see if what we feel is more than lust.

I have the type of personality that men fall in love with instantly or they hate me as quickly, the ones that hate me are the ones that have acted like an asshole and I just had to tell him. I do have problems with men, they fall head over heels in love with me and I have not an idea why.

I am not kidding, men just love the shit out of me and yes it can be fun but also quite annoying. I have story upon story of men hitting on me and even a good friend of mine, her husband tried to dry fuck me anal in his kitchen.

Like I told her? No fucking way, if she didn’t know that he fucked around I sure wasn’t going to be the daily gazette. He was an asshole to and repulsive as if I would even think about picking my teeth with that bone, no way.

They are the typical married couple, do not talk, go out or do anything together, she stays drunk and he stays in the garage, lovely. Not my type of marriage but I can so relate but will never settle for less again because you know what? I do not fucking have to that’s right, no I do not.

I am thinking it might be the blind leading the blind here, who knows we may find each other to be quite helpful in finding ourselves, who knows but if nothing else it will be fun and interesting and I am looking forward to it, yes I am scared but hey that never stopped me before.

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